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Aug di Milano sara' una sorta di blueprint per testare dei processi da attivare nelle community mondiali.

Una di queste e' il Betatesting delle nuove schede. A breve ci arrivera' una copia (delle 150 che verranno rilasciate globalmente) della TRE su cui possiamo smanettare insieme per testare la nuova board lato software e lato hardware.

Mail di spiegazione Betatesting

We are excited to announce that we are kicking off the beta-testing program for our new board, Arduino TRE, in a couple of weeks.

The Arduino TRE is not a usual Arduino board, it is made of a Linux computer plus a full Arduino Leonardo.

We know you have developed interesting projects with Arduino in the past and/or you are knowledgeable about Debian or other Linux distributions. We are reaching out to you because we are currently looking for beta testers to help us create and test the board. The ideal beta tester has time and interest in working on some specific issues we hope to accomplish (see attachment). We know you're all very busy, and we understand if you haven't got time to beta test the TRE. We want to get a lot done in a short beta test (about 3 months), so if you cannot work on one of the items listed, please let us know and we won't include you, or take up any of your time. The tasks include writing examples, testing libraries and external hardware, and making projects. These tasks can be completed in a variety of timeframes. There is also a little reward system for completed tasks.

Ultimately our goal is to make the TRE welcoming to non-technical customers and useful for tech-savvy customers at the same time, like all of our products. To that end, we'd like feedback from you, as beta testers, about where we could simplify for beginners and explain or document better.

We will send you an invite to a Basecamp project where you can get started with the program and sign up for tasks and projects according to your interests, skill-set and time availability.


Questo e' il file con le task da completare, anche in parte

File PDF