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Step by step guide to correctly use the shapeoko

1. place your material in shapeoko

it is really important to stabilize your material in shapeoko surface, (if it is nessesary please mount it.)

1. Open Chilipeppr

load up in your browser to cut with the Shapeoko. It is a online controller that can simulate and preview your work and you can control shapeoko with your usb connection.

1. download JSONserver

Download the Serial Port JSON Server (SPJS) from inside the "Serial Port Widget" in lower right. After download open it from your desktop , so you can connect your browser with the your serial port. Refresh the list

1. Arrange your zero point manually

Before connecting Arduino from chilipeppr, while Shapeoko turned off, you should have to move shapeoko manually by hand to bring it zero point. (Almost near to the left down corner of your sheet.). Plug in the machine.

1. Connect Arduino (green bar, under the serial port widget)

When you receive the messeage which shows location of your point. It means you’re connected.Now you can change focus position from chilipeppr with using the Axes Widget

1. Drag and drop your Gcode file to chilipeppr

So you can simulate the file by using upper control bar. When you arrange your zero point, click off-on arduino connection to re-define your axes

1. Turn on machine on the Makita

Please make sure of your zero point

1. Click run (PLAY) in the GCode widget

İf a problem occurs you can use pause and stop options from Gcode widget.

1. When your work finished click Stop button from Gcode widget

1. Turn off machine on the makita

1. Move the machine out of your work