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iModela iM-01

iModela iM-01
Model iM-01
Sub-category DigitalFabrication
Status Good working order
Consumables Router Bits
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement Yes
Training link Unknown
Owner Unknown
Origin Unknown
Location Basement, CNC area

Tutorials: by Mauro Alfieri

- PCB iModela

- PCB iModela sw install

- Cut PCB iModela Creator

- iModela Creator PCB piano

- iModela Creator PCB

Original Works - by Federico Vanzati

- How To Do a Smoothing with iModela


- Milling the Circuit


- Prepare File Milling


External Links

  1. Fab Modules (experimentals) MDX-20
  2. Spare Parts UK [1]
  3. RML1 Manual ( local copy [2] - Original [3] )