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Step by step guide to correctly use the LaserCutter

1. Check if the compressor is on and connected

this is the most important tool to prevent fire hazards, along with your constant presence near the machine during the entire process of your work

1. Turn on the laser by turning the key

wait 3 minutes before cut without touching machine controls for ensure that the chiller (cooling system) is stabilized at the optimum temperature and the startup process takes place correctly

1. Start the software Lasercut 5.3

select the version for the machine that using make sure that the dongle is plugged into a USB port on your PC

1. Import DXF file(CTRL + I)

set processing parameters for tracks / layer of your design (you can consult the [settings file ( ))
Speed: in mm/s (max 800 mm/s for the [Laser_120*90], max 400 mm/s for the [Laser_60*30]
Power :a percentage of the maximum power of the laser source (min 5 %, max 100%)

1. Set the starting point of the work

check the part immediate

1. Save the file and transfer it

Save from the File menu --> Save and transfer the file to the machine with the Download button

1. Place the sheet of material on laser grid

On the control panel of the laser, press the Esc button to exit the menu (you should'nt see any text selections in black)
Move the laser head by pressing the arrow keys.
Reset previous settings by clicking on the Enter key twice, once Right Arrow (select Cancel Logic Org), confirm by clicking Enter.

1. Place the focus

two pointers allow to focus the material.
Use the Z key on the control panel to raise or lower the top of the grid until the two red dots are not overlapped.
When the material is "in focus" press Z to complete the process. You can also use the focus tool.

1. Run the test

by pressing the test button on the control panel, the laser can check the work area which where is you desire.

1. Turn on air filter

turn on the filter with the Green button

1. Start work

Close the lid of the laser and press Start

1. Watch over the process

during all the work keep your eyes open and stays in the proximity of the laser in order to intervene promptly in any case of problems. During work, You can push the Pause button 'Start / Pause' . In any case of emergency do not hesitate to press the red button!

1. Turn off filter

after the machine has finished processing beeps warning the finish of your work

1. Clear the work plan

for people who come after you

For more detailed instruction read here: